CCE is a Virginia-based company helping clients of all sizes achieve their sustainability goals by using recycled diesel engines to convert harmful methane emissions from landfills into 100% renewable energy at a low cost. What’s more renewable than that?

  • Decaying trash in landfill sites releases harmful greenhouse gases, one of which is methane

  • Landfills are required to capture their methane gas by drilling wells and inserting pipes

  • Instead of flaring this gas, the collected gas is filtered and used to run our electricity generators

  • Our generators make electricity that is then transferred to the grid for your clean energy needs

You want 100% renewable energy, 100% of the time.

A lot of energy providers say they’re 100% renewable, but the devil’s in the details.

Landfill gas technology isn’t a financially engineered collection of contracts, our employees have skin in the game. We’re a product, not a portfolio.

CCE provides 100% renewable energy 100% of the time, which means you never use outdated grid energy.

You have a choice in clean energy.

A lot of businesses, data centers and academic campuses don’t know that they can purchase green energy from a provider that isn’t one of Virginia’s utility monopolies.

And since 1989, CCE has helped clients switch to meet their greenhouse gas reduction and/or sustainability goals in an intentionally different way — including a half-dozen independent Virginia colleges, Vulcan Manufacturing, and the New River Valley Volvo manufacturing plant in Dublin, Virginia — the largest Volvo truck manufacturing facility in the world.

And switching to CCE is an easy three-step process. No supply disruptions, no engineering visits, and no special equipment needed. For more information about making the switch, download the one-sheet.

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Take pride in your power.

CCE’s philosophy is pretty simple: we do things the right way — whether it is for the environment, our approach, or our people.

What’s more, working with us will allow you to tangibly address sustainability and reach your clean energy targets in your own backyard. By partnering with our company, your organization will make a tangible impact to reduce pollution and protect our natural resources. This is what corporate citizenship looks like.

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